Here, wellness is not only a philosophy, it’s a way of life.

At Pine Ridge of Garfield, we take wellness seriously, and our commitment to residents’ personal well-being extends to everything we do. From services we provide to our activities, location, amenities and beyond, every aspect of our retirement community supports you as you live life to the fullest.

What are some of the ways we foster a philosophy of wellness?

Financial Control

Money represents one of the most significant sources of worry for many people. We believe that shouldn’t be the case when you move to an active-lifestyle community. At Pine Ridge of Garfield, you don’t have to compromise your control of your day-to-day budget or financial future.

With no large, advance entrance fee to worry about, you maintain control of your finances and keep your nest egg where it belongs — in the bank. Peace of mind about your finances supports your overall wellness and we’ll help you keep it.


Physical Fitness

As part of our commitment to wellness, we focus on the potential of every resident to achieve their personal fitness goals. We work with you to find ways to incorporate physical movement and healthy nutrition every day to promote your strength, flexibility and endurance. By focusing on keeping your body healthy, you take an important step toward limiting illness and enjoying wellness for many years to come.

Amenities and Services

Engagement with others also serves as an essential component of personal wellness. As a resident of Pine Ridge of Garfield, you’ll enjoy a variety of programming, events and activities to help you connect and build relationships. Services like home maintenance, dining and transportation leave you ample time to pursue your passions. We’re also a pet-friendly community so bring along your four-legged companion.

Convenient Location

At our Clinton Township independent living community, you will have easy access to the many attractions in Clinton Township, Michigan. Walk, hike, bike, or jog at one of the outdoor recreational sites and beautiful parks located just a short drive away., Enjoy a variety of cultural and entertainment options to keep your mind engaged, along with opportunities for volunteerism and spiritual pursuits to enrich your life.


We’re Here to Help!

With all of the decisions you need to make in choosing a senior living community, we want to make sure you and your family have the information you need. Submit a request for more information and our team will be in touch shortly →