Step into a Lifestyle Focused on Wellness.

At Pine Ridge of Garfield, we believe that wellness is about keeping your body and mind strong so you can enjoy life to the fullest. Embracing an active lifestyle is a crucial ingredient in continuing to live your best life — now and in the future. Our wellness philosophy goes hand in hand with our approach to gracious living, and we provide you with a range of ways to engage your body, mind and spirit every day.

We start by focusing on the potential of every resident to achieve and exceed their goals. By providing you with a personal wellness plan, we help you continue to challenge your body and mind as you engage with others and maintain critical social connections. You’ll find a bounty of activities, events and programming at Pine Ridge of Garfield to help you attain your personal wellness goals.

Getting Started with Fitness

Our wellness philosophy begins with the individual strengths, wishes and dignity of every resident. We focus on creating personal goals appropriate for your desired lifestyle and abilities, and work with you to achieve those goals. We help you discover ways to incorporate more physical movement and healthy nutrition into your life, supporting you as you strive to stay strong, flexible and healthy.

As a resident of Pine Ridge of Garfield, you’ll have access to a wealth of programming, activities and tools for supporting your fitness and connecting with others. Your personal wellness plan may include:

• Learning opportunities that challenge and stimulate your mind
• Volunteerism, service opportunities, and faith-based involvement that support meaning and purpose in life
• Physical activity and healthy nutrition
• Programming to form new social connections and strengthen existing relationships


We’re Here to Help!

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